Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a Garage SALE Not a Garage GIVE AWAY

I survived Day One of my garage sale. Heck, I thrived on Day One! I cleared just under $1000 and I am pretty cleaned out. People were buying things as Tim pulled them out of the basement. My glider that has rocked four babies~2 of whom had reflux~sold as we carried it out the front door. The funnest part was by lunchtime I had people showing up telling me their friends were calling them to come to my sale. Hee, hee. I'm famous.

Lady #1~How much for the glider?

Me~Um, $45?

Lady #1~Sold. Just keep walking it to my truck.

Me~Okie dokie.

The one thing I hate? The barter. I do make offers when I go garage sale-ing. If my pile is $12 I will offer $10. I had a lady this morning and it goes something like this:

Lady #2~Can you add me up? (As she drops about 15 outfits at my feet.)

Me~Sure. Add, add . . .$48.

Lady #2~Will you take $10?

Me~Uh, no. I'll take $45.

Lady #2~Well, all I have is a $20. Will you take $20.

Me~No, I'll take $45. You can come back Saturday afternoon and I might take $30.

Lady #2~Fine. (All huffy.) Here. (shoves $45 at me.)


kkoois said...

oooh, i LOVE the barter!!! you should hire me to come out there and be in charge of that for you. i was so excited to negotiate with the dealers when we bought our new car a couple years ago. it's a disease, i think...

Mommy Brain said...

You suck! Money falls at your feet as fast as bargins jump off racks to hit you in the head! You should open up a store. Unbelievable!

amanda said...

Seriously...she offered you $10?!?!?!?!?!? Blank stare...

Ann(ie) said...

RIGHT ON!! That's a haul. It feels so good to clear stuff out, too!! I cannot stand the people that want to give you on average 3 cents per item. jeeeeez. Give me a break! I'm glad you stood your ground!!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I just got your email, but I need yours for an evite.

~Crooked eyebrow

so glad you stopped by!

Tamara said...

$10.00? LOL! I am glad you got the$45.00 out of her. I need to have a garage sale. Our stuff is piling up out there.