Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Summer Resolutions

So tomorrow is the last day of school. Yay! I think. . . I am so excited about sleeping in~if you can call 7:15 sleeping in~and not having to go go go. I am not so sure I want 4 kids in my face ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the first summer in eons that we are FREE! It's been a long time coming! Summers past. . .

2002 My mom died in June so that was kinda a crazy summer.
2003 Amelia was born in June
2004 I found about I was expecting Greta in early June and spent most of that summer puking and sleeping on the couch.
2005 Greta was a teeny baby and I was post-partumly messed up.
2006 We moved in the middle of July.
2007 Wyatt was born in July.

SO 2008 is going to non-stop fun and games! I think. . . This is my solemn vow.

I will take the kids to the library once a week.
I will cook a real dinner 4 times a week.
I will do a fun craft/activity with the girls once a week.
I will say "yes" to more sleepovers.
We will all make our beds every day.
I will make a new chore chart next week. (Stay tuned for that post)
I will put sunscreen on everyone every day!
We will have ice cream for dinner once.
We will play in the sprinkler.
I will make lots of healthy snacks so we don't eat junk all summer.

Check back in Sept. . .


Mommy Brain said...

Good luck with this....I like the yes to more sleepovers and the making's good to have goals = ) Now if it would just stop raining...maybe you guys could come swimming??

Anne said...

Let me know how this works out. I've decided to go all summer with absolutely no goals...except to drink Slimfast and eat a "sensible" dinner...but I digress :)

kkoois said...

good luck with all that...

can i can for ice cream dinner night?

Anonymous said...

This list may just inspire me to create my own!

Ann(ie) said...

GOOD list, girlie!! Have ice cream for dinner at least twice, though!!!!