Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who Am I?

Did anyone else have to do those reports in 3rd or 4th grade? You know, the one where you write a book report on the life story of some famous person and then read it aloud to class so they can guess who you are? I did Nadia Comanchi~~hey, it was the early 80's and I wanted to be a gymnast!

Well, Caroline is needing to pick a person to do a book report. It will not be presented the same way as I remember doing it so she can pick a person of either gender. She wanted to do Laura Ingalls but her teacher put the kebosh on that since Caroline already knows a lot about her. The point is to learn about someone new, I guess, which makes this difficult for me. And it is all about me.

So we need some input. Tim and I have mentioned everyone from Tiger Woods to George Washington. Tim voted for Susan B Anthony so he can find out why she's on the $1 coin. I voted for Medgar Evers and everyone said "Who?" Amelia suggested Cinderella and Greta said "Doggie" After a while we were cracking ourselves up with suggestions like Ryan Seacrest, John Calvin, Bill Clinton, Sanjaya, Peter Van Raalte and Margaret Sanger. Right now some of the front runners are Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Kuyer. So we need some ideas. The biggest catch is we h ave to be able to find some books that a 3rd grader can read to gather info.

SSSSSOOOOOOO give us some ideas!


kkoois said...

unfortunately the biography about me isn't published yet. hopefully, it will be available for her next report.

i vote martin luther king, jr. i bet you can find a lot of info on him. very interesting person and i'm sure caroline and the rest of her class could learn a lot more about him and the civil rights movement through it.

i am not said...

I think she needs to do the report on Casmir Pulaski and then you should type it out on your blog so that I can finally understand why we have Pulaski Day in Chicago.

Joy said...

Florence Nightingale

Heaven Sent said...

I did Martin Luther King Jr. I remember because I drew him on a brown lunch bag as visual aid!

Anyway, Ronald Reagan would be interesting. He has my vote!

Mommy Brain said...

Sorry I haven't talked to you lately, my grandma Pruim passed away last weekend and we've been doing funeral type things all week...not to mention the Easter holiday w/no Creative Arts Director...anyway thought I'd check in b4 I head back to church.

Carol said...

How about Condoleezza Rice or Angie Bandstra!