Monday, April 16, 2007

Since the naming post was such a hit. . .

Here's some new ones I have come up with the past few weeks. Feel free to honestly comment~~as if you wouldn't! These are names I like and kind of have been kicking around. They have either been suggested by someone or I have found them in books.

Ella Grace (as in one name, not first and middle)
Margaret (this is one I would break my no nickname rule on) Probably Meg or Maggie
Mary Kate~~I really like this but is it too Olson twins?

So whaddya think?!


amanda said...

You do realize we all risk our lives by commenting on this, right? I shouldn't give a hormonal pregnant woman my thoughts on names she's chosen, only offer my own ideas. :) Well, since you asked...
I love these ones:
Ella Grace (as in one name, not first and middle)
Georgia (our choice for Sam if he was a girl)
Tessa (our other choice for Sam if he was a girl...did you know it means '4th born'???)

Now for these:
Hilary (reminds me of Hilary Clinton)
Mary Kate~~I really like this but is it too Olson twins? YES

Jen said...

I so agree on Hilary! :-) I sat on an airplane next to a little girl named Hilary once. WAY before the Clinton era. Always loved it since then and now she has ruined it for me! :-)

Heaven Sent said...

My favorites:
Margaret (love Meg!)
Kathleen (but not Kathy)

My great aunt's name is Mercy, but that is short for Mercedes. But obviously you mean just Mercy. Anyway, I have a preference because of her...

I agree with Amanda on Hilary and Mary Kate. What about just Kate? Too plain?

i am not said...

I will never quite understand the idea of naming a child something with the intentions of calling them something else - as in Margaret and calling her meg or maggie. Why not just name her Maggie or Meg?

Yes, Mary Kate is too olson twinnish - although I like the name, i'm not sure it would be associated with anything else.

Ella is very popular, isn't it? Does the Grace after it negate the popularity rule?

Don't like Penelope Cruz - I just think of black eyebrows with that name.

Of course, I love Georgia:)

Do you think Meredith might become popular because of Grey's?

I have a neice named Tessa - very cute, but I'm not sure it goes with the rest of your girls' names. Neither do Bronwyn, Piper, Tessa, Scarlett, Mercy or Charity.

Eliza is too close to Elise, I thought???

What do you call pacifiers? If you call them pipes, then Piper is definitely out.

And I agree with the Hilary comment.

Jen said...

Normally, I am not a nickname fan. I like the idea of them having a more "formal" name to use in the event they wish to become an astrophysist or something. Maggie just doesn't sound super professional to me.

Jen said...

And the Grace after Ella makes Tim like it more b/c it adds an syllable. :-)

candi said...

I like Eleanor out of all of them. Please no Hilary!! Tessa is cute, but I have a Tressa so it just doesn't sound right to me.
I recently rented one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid called Savannah Smiles. What about Savannah?

Mommy Brain said...

I can't believe you are having this conversation on the web...I thought we had agreed that conversations about names leads to heart break...because if you love one name and someone else hates it...then you go ahead and name your child KNOW they hate the name??? Dangerous...but daring!

I really don't like Eleanor...I think of Stoub...sorry.

Love Tessa! Love Tessa! Love Tessa!

What about Izzie? It's so Greys!

Mommy Brain said...

The Bierma family sat around the table and discussed names because we knew you needed help. Here are are the names we respectfully submit:
1. Monkey-O
2. Diamond
3. Angel
4. Ruby
5. Wyndham
6. LeBron
7. Dandelion
8. Chrysanthemum
9. Virgina
10. Arkansas
11. North Carolina(we know too close to Caroline.)
12. Bolivia
11. Oleander
12. Oprah
13. Marjieayh (cool spelling huh?!)
14. Courvoisior'
15. Milton
16. Lois
17. Lana
18. Leia...we know can't start with a "L" But that is what makes the name so Superman that is.
19. Elkwood
20. Manny
21. Crystal Lynn--we know how you like those two name names.
22. Ann Marie
23. Jakewood
24. Star...a personal favorite
25. that one better
26. honor of this post
27. Babe
28. Sunshine...on my shoulders makes me happy.
29. Basil
30. Judge....Judy
Now we are just getting silly...haven't prayed yet
31. Enfanta
32. Lyztareen
32. Leif
33. Garret
34. Jurgen...warning this one has been used
35.'s alluring isn't it?
36. Oranjello
37. Tylenol
38. Ivyprophen
39. Vickoden
40. Dixie
41. Apple
42. Donchano
43. Badass...we like that one
44. Vizecktame
45. Soon
46. Callnow
47. Beforittoolate
48. Dontwantafith
49. Fivegirlexpensive
50. Velphetelphis

We love you, Doug, Christine, Christian, Emily, Jed & Wesley

PS We like Garden too!

Jen said...

Oh. My. Y'all have some time on your hands. There is one name at that list that has been considered. And I do love you staying in the pole name catagory!

i am not said...

On that note, can I add a suggestion? How about Effen? So you can go around yelling "Hey you Effen Lampen!" or "You're an Effen Lampen" or "You're an Effen girl" or "Look at my Effen baby."

Its a thought:)

Was the name you considered Vickoden? I like Oleander. You have good friends.

Anonymous said...

Mercy? Charity? Are you serious? How about Georgia or Charlotte? Those are very nice. Eleanor is also acceptable. No to all others. Now go pair your socks or something else a bit more useful.

mintjuniper said...

Okay so I really love Bronwyn and Georgia. I'm also partial to Eliza Jane (as in for a first name, not first and middle). My second daughter name (since I have only one and a son) is Naomi Joy. You can borrow it if you'd like, but I expect it back when we adopt a baby girl (which probably won't happen since my husband says he's too old).