Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! We had a really nice day this year. Full of surprises! We started with our family tradition of making Easter story cookies Saturday night. If you have never heard of these, they are great. It is a mereiguene cookie recipie that has a Bible verse and lesson for each ingredient. The last thing you do before bed is put the cookies in the oven and "seal the tomb" like the did with Jesus. Then in the morning~~or after church if you don't want the kiddies eating cookies for breakfast~~you open the oven and find hollow cookies. Empty just like the tomb. Caroline read all the verses, Amelia chanted "My Jesus is ALIVE", and Greta just yelled "COOKIE!!" over and over forever!

Church was great this morning~good music as always. Tim was a bit annoyed that the band did a rocking rendition of "I Am Free" while we sat. He thought we should be standing. He was right but I was not about to stand up! I am Linda's daughter after all. . .

We had planned a quiet afternoon of chili dogs, the Sox game, and the Masters but some of our small group had other plans. They decided it was just wrong to eat hot dogs for Easter dinner so they called after church and invited us over. And I am so glad they did! We had a great time. The girls got to do an Easter egg hunt, we had an awesome dinner, and still watched the Sox game. Thanks so much guys!

And to top off a great day was the Masters. Zach Johnson is our new favorite golfer. We were rooting for him coming up the back nine. Nice Midwestern kid. BTW~When do you get old enough to call people who are 30 "KID"?!? We were so happy to see him win. And then they did the interview. And what did nice Zach say?

Q: Who do you need to thank?
A: My beautiful wife, new baby boy, parents, coaches, blah blah blah, AND Jesus, my Lord and Savior. This being Easter makes it so much for special. My faith means everything to me.

Well that sealed the deal here. Tiger who? We love Zach!

Here we are after church getting the cookies out of the oven. And below is Caroline reading the Bible verses while we made the cookies.
Here's Greta already to find some eggs. And notice Abbey is all bundled properly and my kid is not! :-)

And this has to be the photo of the day. Pure happy Amelia.


i am not said...

Great pictures! We were going to do those cookies this year, but I thought my girls were a little too young yet. Hopefully next year I'll be able to find the paper and we can do it.

Isn't it nice when other people take pity on your and invite you over for holidays? We didn't think it was a big deal to spend a holiday alone until we actually hit our first one - then we were really lonely (we didn't have kids). A family invited us over, too, and it made for such a better day! So glad your small group did that!

Mommy Brain said...

I'm not surprised Greta didn't have a jacket would have ruined the outfit!

We spent Easter alone feasting on chocolate and jelly ham and mashed is really kind of sad!

kkoois said...

aren't my nieces adorable?!

Carol said...

Yep, they sure are!