Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ever since Caroline was about 3 we have gotten about once per trip in public THE COMMENT. It usually goes something like this.

"WOW! She looks exactly like that girl! You know, the actress one. From that movie with Sean Penn. What's her name?"

"Dakota Fanning"

"That's it. She looks JUST like her. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Since "Charlotte's Web" we have gotten the comment even more. Well, today while grocery shopping, I got it about Greta. Really? She's 2 and you compare her to a famous child actor who is 13? Oh well. I guess there are worse famous people my kids could resemble.


amanda said...

You're right, there are worse people to be compared to. But I don't get it...
I get the 'Annaliese looks like the Olsen twins' frequently. Let's hope she only looks like them as a child...ugh.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hi, I found you through CWO. Your little girls are so cute.

Carol said...

Here's hoping the 4th one gets compared to this child star or this one or one of these two

Jen said...

OOOO! Love Fred Savage. :-)