Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's WWWWWAAAAYYYY Better Than Christmas

What's the happiest day of the year? Not Christmas, my friend. It is the first day of school. Oh the joy. Caroline started 4th grade and Amelia started FULL DAY Pre K~the absolute greatest invention ever. They were both so excited. We had the Open House the night before and what a scene that was. Lots of tears. First from Amelia because she did not want to go home. She had just entered something as amazing as Disneyland and there was no freakin' way she was going to go home for something as mundane as bedtime. Then Greta started in. SCREAMING. In front of all the nice blond people.


Mrs S had nicely told her that she needed to be 4 for PreK. You can see how well that worked. We had to carry her out kicking and screaming. And then Wyatt started howling for a bottle.

The first day went off great. Caroline disappeared as soon as we got out of the van. Too. Cool. For. Mom. I walked Amelia to her class line and said goodbye. I even put lipstick on to place a kiss in her hand just like in this book which we knew they were going to read first thing. What does my daughter do? She says, "GROSS MOM!" and wipes it off. So much for cheesy mommy moment.

I picked them up promptly at 11:30, though why we couldn't have a full day is beyond me. Caroline talked a mile a mile on the way home. By the time we reached home I knew what everyone was wearing, who played with who at recess, and that 4th grade was awesome. And that Mrs W is the "BEST teacher ever! Well, almost. Not as good as Mrs D." (Mrs D was the most rad kindergarten teacher who is now one my close friends.) What did Amelia learn? She was pretty quiet. School was "Good." A few hours later Wyatt was screaming. So Amelia says, "I'll teach you what I learned at school, Wyatt." She proceeded to sing about 30 verses of "The Wheels On the Bus" Ok then. She broke out with a new one.

"The Daddy on the bus says, 'Read your Bible, read your Bible, read your Bible.' The Daddy on the bus says 'Read your Bible', all through the town."

Why do we choose Christian schools? That's why. So my kid can learn new verses to childhood classics. Maybe it came from the Protestant Reformers in our midst? I guess I am getting my $2500 worth for pre-K!


Amanda said...

Yay for school starting!!! We have 6 more days...come on Tuesday!!!!!! :)

Kary said...

Yes. It is still worth every penny!!!

Mommy Brain said...

I think Bob must have instituted the teaching of that verse. Pretty soon the mommy's on the bus will say "I submit, I submit, I submit" PR's scare me!

Heaven Sent said...

Do you feel like a new woman or what?! How nice that you get a little bit of a break... and that your girls love school!

BTW, love those outfits on them. So adorable!