Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer hosts "Works for Me Wednesday" every Wednesday (duh!) Leave it to a new mom to state the obvious. I have decided to join in the fun of these things to add to my blogging material. So here's mine for today! (Not anything new for those of you who know me well! :-)

Shannon talked about buying girl's clothing on Ebay. I have learned to finance my fierce kids' clothing habit by selling. I sell 3 times per year~spring/summer, back to school, and holiday/winter. I have gotten up to approximately $6000 per year. Enough to buy new stuff for the kiddos AND pay for Christian school tuition. I do actively seek out gently used stuff, my kids wear it for a season, and I re-sell. Often for more $$ than I originally paid for it. The downside? I am the crazy woman at church yelling "DON'T give her a cookie! DO you KNOW the resale value of that dress?!?!"


Ribbon Rock Star said...

HAHA! Loved your comment about the cookie and resell value! I am like that myself.

Great tips...


Mommy Brain said...

And then I yell, Oh go ahead honey...have fun it's just dirt!

Poor Wyatt won't have any clothes because you have deemed them "no resale value"

Heaven Sent said...

I didn't realize you made that much.. .wow! So far, I've had tons of hand-me-downs, but if/when that stops, I'm definitely taking this into consideration. Especially as we attempt to pay for Christian education some day!

Laane said...


That's a lot of money.

We're lucky to get wonderful clothes, and we live near a store that sells great stuff for very low prizes.