Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jen's Report Card for Today

~Caroline was sitting on the front porch waiting for carpool this morning. We were car #3 in line for drop-off and pick-up at preschool.

~Breakfast was cold cereal, no fruit, no juice. Lunch was Wheels and Cheese. Dinner was better~PB&J, carrots, and string cheese. I did grocery shop. Opened up a pack of cheese to shut Greta up. First time I ever did that.

~Greta had a bowel emergency at Target and I had no wipes. At least I was at Target where one can buy wipes, a whole box of 'em as they do not have little travel packs. Still no folder for Amelia's school bag.

~Got 3 loads done AND folded. (But that's only cuz Days was good and I folded while I watched.)

~Made a budget for the business and paid 2 bills. 18 more to go. Went to the bank to deposit paycheck before checks start bouncing.

~ I did not clock Amelia upside the head when she colored with NON-WASHABLE markers all over these capris and this top that she wore for the first time today. I also did not clock Caroline for leaving her bedroom door open to allow access to such markers.

~I was really good til I just ate a chocolate chip cookie. It was that or clock Amelia.



JD said...


Did you realize that you needed to buy wipes at Target before you got the diaper undone and had to put it back on and go into the store to buy wipes? If not, I think that would have been funny.

I HATE MARKERS. They have ruined so many things in our house. And shame on you for thinking that a 3 year old could wear a white shirt - what is that all about? DARK COLORS, Lady! DARK COLORS!

Melissa :) said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ignatius Loyola said that the key to success is rigorous self examination. Plato said the unexamined life is not worth living. I'm not sure either of them meant actual letter grades

Mommy Brain said...

I'd say laundry was an A...3 loads done and folded sounds like an entire days work to me!

How could you ever clock Millie? She's too darn cute...and I know she is never guilty! I guess I'm her Oh Honey aunt...

"Oh honey, come her Auntie Christine will give you whatever you want!"

Heaven Sent said...

I agree with Mommy Brain - laundry is definitely an A. And exercise and F? Honey, you are a mother of three. I say you get an A for that one too!!

Carol said...

I think I've been getting an F in all those categories! Stress week for me. I'll start my diet next week! (how many times have I said that? like a million?) And nonwashable markers? I don't even allow myself nonwashable markers. I'm bad enough with coffee stains all over my clothes.