Friday, September 29, 2006

Grab their jerseys, grab their jerseys. . .

I adore high school football. Seriously, it breaks my heart that my girls will miss out on it. The cool fall air, smashing helmets, cheering cheerleaders, the pep band playing "Peter Gunn", hot chocolate, smoking under the bleachers, and on and on. Oh the joy. And THIS makes me miss it even more. Can ya freaking believe it?!? Us who lived and cheered for the Knights of the 80's. When we did not win ONE game. I remember cheering for a game where we lost 88-0. Yep, 88-0. That was the game that my dad invented the "Grab their jerseys" cheer. He thought "hit 'em hard" cheers were useless. He was right.

I think we will move. Homecoming is next weekend. . .anyone game?!?!?!?!


Carol said...

I just told my friend Linda, who has 3 boys playing, that I'll be there for homecoming! How 'bout that hot dude 2nd row from the front all the way on the left...yeah, that's my nephew. He's such a cutie! He suffered a hit to the head early on this season, (and a bad concusion last season) but he'll be back playing next weekend. I'll be there! If you find me, I'll buy you a hot chocolate!!!!

kkoois said...

Let's go Knights
You can do it,
Let's go Knights
Beat 'em to it!

Mommy Brain said...


I'm stunned! I remember getting excited over 1st downs! And those didn't come too regularly either!

When is homecoming? Mayber we should all go?!

Jen said...

October 6, next Friday

i am not said...

I'm sorry - we'll be out of town that weekend. CCHS is postponing homecoming until their homecoming queen can be in attendance. Somehow I've been elected the homecoming queen at all the area high schools this year - its been hard to fit them all into my schedule, but since CCHS is so full of grace they are rescheduling.

Mama C said...

Hi Jen, I'm new. I was a HS cheerleader too. We won one game per year. My senior year, on senior night, we lost 60-0. It was the ONE game my dad went to. How sad! Oh, well.

Like your blog. You make bows? I need to introduce you to my sister. She could support you single-handedly. Madison (my niece) has one for every outfit.