Sunday, September 24, 2006

You Can Put It On the Board. . .YES! Er, Um, NO

It official. My beloved White Sox will not be winning their division this year. Boo hoo. We still have like a 4% chance at the Wild Card but probably not. So it is over. It was a great ride but now it's back to being just a basic ball club. At least it will be easier to get tickets next year. This was the first year in as long as I can remember that I didn't go to one game. Too many band-wagon-jumpers buying all the tickets.

Now it's time for some football!!! GO BEARS


i am not said...

Dear White Sox:
You have made our home a constant roller coaster this summer. Thanks for sucking - now I have to watch the Bears.

kkoois said...

yeah, disappointing isn't it? oh well, at least we won last year. we'll always be the 2005 MLB world champions!

White Sox Headquarters said...

Dear JD,
I'm sorry about the rollercoaster ride, but too many expectations are just too much to handle. Remember the rule:
Expectation - Reality = Misery. Next year, please don't expect so much! Go Bears!