Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weigh In

Here we go again.


Jen said...

152.0 Loss of 1.5 22 to go.

Lousy stomach flu and I only get 1.5?!?!?

jd said...

WI on Friday (I figure I retain less water on Friday): 136.6

down 2

Goal: 16.6 more to go
Dream: 26.6 more to go

Good job on your 1.5!

tim said...

271.9 Loss of 1.1

to much time at home, and dinner with the smallgroup does not help

Carol said...

yea, Jen! Way to go. When I get an accurate scale, I'll let you know...but I lost a couple of pounds, but that's because the week before I went up a couple of pounds. So let's just say, I'm back on track. jd - only in my dreams could I weigh 136! you go girl! But then again, I'm 5'10". Tim - good job, even lost with a big small group meal.

Jen said...

Jana is like 5'0". I'm 5'4". Tim is 6'5"

kkoois said...

down 2.4

Kary said...