Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A little help here, please. . .

My bow business is really starting to take off! It helps to use your girls as advertising! I'm going to be taking some to a new boutique that opened up here in town and hopefully she'll buy some to stock there.

SO, I need a name. I want something cute and memorable~and a bit snobby is OK too. I'm hawking these babies to moms who can and will pay $14 for a set of hand-made bows. My main market is mostly moms but think moms are girly-girls and have all girls and love the girly stuff. Moms who have had a few boys before girl arrives so they are itchin' to go nuts with ribbons and lace. My best ones are Grandma's who have had all sons and now have granddaughters!

Kim's suggestions were "Bows by Jen~They Even Make an Ugly Baby Cute" or "Bows by Jen~They Draw the Eye Upwards" PLEASE give me something more useful than Kim did!

Also, a few of you have inquired about bows for your little gals. I would love to set you up at a discount as long as you tell everyone who askes where you got them from! :-) Let me know soon as I'll be starting Christmas stuff this week! Here's a pic of a set I made to match something for someone~the fringy stuff matches a horse sweater with yarn "hay" on it.


Carol said...

Very Cute! I'm thinking I will be one of those grandmothers some day! I'm thinking of something along the lines of "Jen"uinely "Bow"-utiful or "The Bow-ed and the Beautiful" by Jen.

Josh Leo said...

Hair Things
Follicle Flair
Froof it Up
Girly Hair
Hair Flair
Jen's Fantabulous Ribbon-riffic Hair Bows

sounds like you need a website...

Kary said...


Amanda said...

Totally love 'follicle flair'...good one! :) LOL!
I'm not good at catchy names...sorry!

melissa :) said...

Yes you need a website! I'll be the first to visit & um, probably order. I loveeeeeeeeeeee Josh's "Froof it up"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would keep it somewhat short & simple so people will remember it (referring to the name). :)

msbauer said...

i have been thinking and thinking... and i can't come up with anything better than "jen's bows - they draw the eyes upward." that? THAT? was pure BRILLIANCE. i am not kidding. that is the funniest thing i have ever heard. kim, if you are reading this, i am so happy to be related to you!

as for a name? i also have nothing - but i will keep thinking...

Heaven Sent said...

Not feeling very creative at the moment, but josh leo's Girly Hair is cute and simple and catchy.

I'll keep thinking!

Mommy Brain said...

How about Baby Bling?

Kazcanblog73 said...

Bows for Bangs?
Ribbons and bows
tangle tamers
Belles and Bows
bows for belle's
loopy things for hair :D

Baby Bling is a ripper!