Friday, September 01, 2006


Ok gals, here it is. A challenge. Almost all of us have been bemoaning the fact that we are oxen. (Amanda excluded cuz hey, she's got a good reason) So here's the plan. Starting Tuesday Sept 5 we are going to have a weight loss/get in shape challenge. I know I need accountability and someone to run to when the pull of the drive-thru is too much. Every Tuesday I will put up a post to check-in. Respond in the comments with your weigh-in and goals for the week. And we will hold you to them!! Do whatever "program" you want~I'm going to do WW b/c that has worked for me in the past and I'm familiar with it. Do Atkins, do fat grams, do B4L, whatever creams your twinkie (mmm twinkies. . .)

Comment on this post if you're in or not. I know Kim is in MI til Tuesday but I want a response from everyone else. Eat, drink, and eat some more this weekend. It's Mardi Gras for Dutch people. On Tuesday I will kick it off so be ready to post your current weight, your goal weight, a goal date, and your plan of how to get there.


Amanda said...

Girl, I'm in...and I can boast the first big 'loss' because I'll have delivered the day before! LOL!!!
Seriously, I will be getting in on this soon...I can start small with eating habits, then add my exercise when I get the go-ahead from my doc. Of course, I'll be nursing, so I'll still have an excuse to eat a lot. :)

Kary said...

I am so in. But I'm not gonna show you mine until you show me yours. I'm going to do a combo of WW and Apex mixed with as much exercise as I can fit into my oh-so-relaxing life.

JD said...

I'm in - I'm already posting my results in my second blog (six week offensive... don't even know the address). Since I already have my weight out there for the entire world to read, I don't mind adding a second place:) I'm doing WW and was doing well until this weekend - I'm really hoping I haven't messed up too much, but how in the world to you count points at a wedding where the dinner is Tapas???? And BFWW is pouring wine down your throat? She's bad.

one hot momma said...

hey girl, great idea!!! I started 4 weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds...doesn't sound like much but slow and steady wins the race! My goal was 10 pounds by Sept 10th! I'm not sure I'll make it because this weekend was quite sure to be the deal breaker! We'll see when I weigh in on Thursday! I'll let you know and lets get skinny girls!!! CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!